What is Longevity?

An Update

There has been radio silence on the newsletter and our platform has a holding page, you would think our quest came to a halting end… Au contraire, it just accelerated to a future with longevity in it.

I started MYKIGAI because I wanted to change the paradigm of aging. I explored a range of concerns; socialization, purpose, and most importantly a desirable lifestyle. I quickly discovered that a way to truly change things was not to just in resolving the issues of aging - but actually preventing them- that’s why I chose to focus on longevity. I strongly believe prevention and regeneration are the only chance to age anti-fragile, with health span, and to allow us to make use of the wisdom we gain through the years.

If you had a choice to age with health and a degree of youthfulness, would you not choose that? 

However, I also believe that Longevity has a branding and perception issue, and its promise is lost in translation. Between enthusiasts that promote eternal life, the media telling the story of longevity being a billionaire’s dream, and snake oil promises of anti-aging, the space is rife for exploitation and rejection. Only education and vetted curation will help this, and that’s what we are going to do at MYKIGAI, our platform is meant to bridge the gap between the science & technology and the user. I wholeheartedly believe Longevity can become a lifestyle.

The first features will be ready in a few weeks, please sign up to be the first to try them!

In the meantime I am taking the opportunity that the new voice app Clubhouse has provided, and am co-hosting a “Let’s Talk Longevity” show every Wednesday at 6pm ET, where we meet the innovators and companies making longevity a reality. I am honoured to have the opportunity to be speaking to some of the most prominent figures in the industry including Aubrey De Grey, Sergey Young, and Carolina Reis Oliveira, amongst many more, and to be part of a pioneering community.

This week I am also starting the MY IKIGAI (MYKIGAI) Club on Clubhouse for Longevity education and curation. Every Saturdays at 11am ET, for one hour, experts teach the concepts and terms that are going to become as familiar as knowing what a “downward dog” is.  These will be recorded to be shared on other channels. Please message me as I have invites for this! You can find some of the programming here:

👉🏼https://linktr.ee/MYKIGAI Click links and add to your calendar 🔔

Finally, I am proud to announce that though I am looking forward to a future with longevity, the government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors Program has awarded MYKIGAI a grant for a special project that will make a difference now, our initiative “Boomers Got Talent”, focused on promoting purpose and celebrating the wisdom and accomplishments of our elders - my biggest inspiration. Please join us on Twitter to find out more news as we launch!

Laura from MYKIGAI

“Longevity is a side effect of health.” Aubrey de Grey

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